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Walk for freedom
by Kemi Shodipo


If everyone wouldn’t mind raising their glass right now, whether its coffee, wine, juice or water,

In support of international women’s day, to celebrate all woman-kind; our neighbour, mother, sister, daughter.  

To bring about equality we must also be honest to the experiences that are unjust,

Bringing awareness to the forefront, because alongside action, change needs to be discussed. 

All abuse that occurs is sadly, still, extremely common,

Making some feel like no one will understand, that what they’ve been through is way too foreign.

So we come today relaunching our charity as Juno, 

With goals of nurturing truth, helping remove any pseudo. 

Just as the Greek Goddess is known; the female protector,

We want to use today as a form of connector.

To empathise through our differences and our similarities,

To speak out, form bonds and gain a collective solidarity.

Because here at Juno we value the importance of therapy; the act of TALKING,

Without it we can sometimes feel stuck in the mud - so instead, today, we gain our power through WALKING

Holding Hands


a support service for survivors of sexual violence


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Sexual violence is any unwanted sexual act or activity

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a support service for survivors of sexual violence

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