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About Us

We are a charity offering specialist support and counselling services to women aged sixteen and over who have experienced sexual violence at any time in their lives, whenever or however it happened.  We are a female-led organisation, serving all women living in Hertfordshire and neighbouring areas, irrespective of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic class, religion or disability.


We believe that survivors of sexual violence deserve to be treated with respect, empathy and compassion.  We recognise that sometimes taking the first step can be the hardest, and we are here to support you whenever you feel ready.


Why Juno? 


We are called Juno after the ancient Roman Goddess who possessed the characteristics of energy and a force for life.  She also had a central role as the protector of women.  We feel that we are aligned with Juno’s character as our aim is to support women to find safety and protection with us, and to go forward with the knowledge that the future offers hope for recovery and the chance to live life fully.

Your body belongs to you! Call us today 01923 249 511

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